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News by month 2019


CGZ Server Info

All ARK Servers are CrossARK'd


For PC:
ARK Server [PVE]
32 Slots
Map: Amissa

Name: .:CyberGameZone:.Amissa (Official) H/XPx3 T/Bx7


For PC:
ARK Server [PVE] RP
24 Slots
Map: KnownWorld

Name: .:CyberGameZone:.KnownWorldRP Hx6 XPx3 T/Bx7


For PC:
ARK Server [PVE]
32 Slots
Map: Valguero


Name: .:CyberGameZone:.Valguero w/Atlas H/XPx3 T/Bx7


For PC:
CONAN Server [PVE]
40 Slots

Server Name: Adventures with Azrhia


DISCORD Channel:


CyberGameZone ARK Server Info

Connect to Discord for the most updated info. thank you.




Changes to the CyberGameZone ARK Servers:

22 Nov 2019 : 19:09  |  ARK  |   0
Soon coming to CyberGameZone will be ARK Genesis.

Soon coming to CyberGameZone will be ARK Genesis. Stay tuned for more info. Discord is really the best place for updates.

Also say goodbye to Volcano ARK in 2020.

NEW onboard we welcome ARK "KnownWorld" RP Game of thrones Maps. More info on discord. This is truly custom adds.

Also check out Amissa and Valguero. They are still CrossARK'd.


Happy Thanksgiving.

CyberGameZone Game Servers

24 Oct 2019 : 21:45  |  ARK  |   0
Good day everyone,

Good day everyone,

Yeah, I know. It has been some time since we have posted something. We had been looking for a gaming News Writer for the site but never got one. Also was in the middle of a personal life crisis. lol. But I am getting back slowly. So thought to post this out there...

We have these servers available for anyone to play on-

*Hosted/Sponsored by NITRADO*

ARK Valguero

ARK Volcano


*Hosted/Sponsored by NITRADO & SICCO, also the host for OFFICIAL MAP:

ARK Amissa

*Hosted/Sponsored by Azzy (Community Leader)


And for Halloween:

ARK Halloween Island. smile

Coming Soon:

ARK Genesis


Thank you for your continued support since 2000. This March CyberGameZone will be celebrating its 20th year as a Community and MORE.

New DLC "Valguero"

18 Jun 2019 : 16:57  |  ARK  |   0

ATLAS finally has went live

31 Dec 2018 : 17:52  |  Atlas  |   0
The morning of when Atlas went live was CRAZY!

The morning of when Atlas went live was CRAZY!

But after playing a week, the game is finally playable.

Check it out. Wanna join our discord? Look at bottom left of this site.

Atlas Delayed until 12/22

19 Dec 2018 : 23:39  |  Atlas  |   0
Sorry folks, but yes- It has been officially announced the game Atlas will be delayed until this friday.

Sorry folks, but yes- It has been officially announced the game Atlas will be delayed until this friday.

The good part is they posted an extended trailer. Enjoy-


Nitrado Yellow Shadow

Nitrado Game Servers

Looking for a Reliable Game Server?

Nitrado is the way to go.


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