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News by month 2018


CGZ Server Info


For PC:
Conan Server [PVE]
32 Slots

Name: CGZ:.-.:Conan:.[PVE]


No crossARK

For PC:
ARK Server [PVE]
32 Slots
Map: Amissa

Name: .:CGZ:.-.:Amissa ( Official )%2BPyria:.


For PC:
ARK Server [PVE]
32 Slots
Map: Extinction

Name: CGZ-.:PVE Extinction:.-[ H/XP x2 T/B x10 ]


For PC:
ARK Server [PVE]
10 Slots
Map: Ragnarok

Name: CGZ-.:PVE Ragnarok:.-[ H/XP x3 T/B x10 ]


DISCORD Channel:


Changes have arrived

05 Jul 2017 : 18:19  |  Misc  |   0
You will notice we have moved from the test server map: Crystal Isle to theIsland with new mods.

You will notice we have moved from the test server map: Crystal Isle to theIsland with new mods.

MAP: The Island

Active Mods IDs: 817096835,878297372,881899921,845855498

Extinction Core

Glow Bugs Xtreme

ARK: Eternal

Scorched Earth Plus

Message for pw.

The Necromancer arrives June 27!

21 Jun 2017 : 15:23  |  Misc  |   0
The Necromancer arrives June 27!

Diablo3 Necro01

The Necromancer arrives June 27!

Get the full details:


Q. What is the Rise of the Necromancer pack?
A. The Rise of the Necromancer pack is a purchasable content pack coming to Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition.

Q. What is included in the Rise of the Necromancer pack?
A. In addition to full access to the Necromancer class in both Campaign and Adventure modes, the Rise of the Necromancer pack includes additional exclusive digital items:

    Non-combat pet
    A pair of cosmetic wings
    New Necromancer-themed Banner Shape, Sigil, and Accent
    Necromancer Portrait Frame
    Two additional character slots
    Two additional stash tabs*

Changes to the ARK Gameservers

13 Jun 2017 : 16:46  |  Misc  |   0
Due to the lack of interest, there will be some changes coming soon to the ARK servers.

Due to the lack of interest, there will be some changes coming soon to the ARK servers.

We will have 1 as private, and the 2nd one be locked down, but open. Just send doa a message for the password. Not sure what to make it. I suspect the map will be Island or the new Ragnarok. Suspect MODs will be Bush People and Flying Nerf reversed.

Also the ARK website will change more as a ARK Community site, and less 'Tribe' orientated.

Thank you.

Message from the ARK site:

26 May 2017 : 18:23  |  Misc  |   0
Good day fellow ARK players.

Good day fellow ARK players. Some changes have been happening over some time now.

For a couple of months we have been playing on a PVE server.

CyberGameZone [PVE+MODs]

Map: The Center

Mod IDs: 845855498,764755314,522160582,618916953,632898827

Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture

Oyster Bed Mod 2.0

Scorched Earth Plus

Cute Hair (v6.1)

Dino Colors Plus


Our PVP server:

CyberGameZone [PVP+BushPeople]

Map: The Center

Mod ID: 663332507

NPC Bush People V6.7


*We do keep the server private atm. So if you would like to play, see me (DOA) an message. (CLICK ON THE ARK link to the right, and register at the ARK site)


*Waves "Hi"

01 Feb 2016 : 23:00  |  Misc  |   0
Summary of the news item

Since 2000 CyberGameZone has been a Gaming Community Site. Over the years CGZ has expanded to multiple games, business ventures, and fun things. After 16yrs of content (major old) we have brought to the community a fresh and new site. We are not sure of the layout yet. We have multiple expanding sites like a Web Hosting site, TopSite Ranking and the ARK Community- not sure to combine them all into a single single or let them reside as standalones. We have done it both ways with about the same results, and responses. Please continue to visit be the content will change. No more look changes. This theme will remain. smile Maybe a new or different Game background because we do like to look unique. Thank you for your support for several years.


Founder, Owner  - CyberGameZone.


Nitrado Yellow Shadow

Nitrado Game Servers

Looking for a Reliable Game Server?

Nitrado is the way to go.


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