Site changing?

And that answer is: yes. You will notice the site changing looks and styles. We are deciding how we want our front end site/page to be presented. Then from there we would have links/menus to our other community sites like ARK, Webhosting, and whatever else we have available for you. We hope to finalize the design soon. Thank you.

Coming back slowly

Good day fellow CGZers,

Well, we looked long and hard for a new CMS/look. We just didn't find something that we liked.
So.... bringing back the old site and content. Still working on things to fix. Thank you for your patience.

ALL CounterStrike Maps REMOVED

14yrs ago this site started due to the demand of CS 1.3, 4, 6 and CSS Maps.
With over 3 million downloads, and 1000+ maps CyberGameZone had its run.

Due to the lack of needing CS or CSS maps from here, CyberGameZone has deleted ALL Maps.
Our apologies.

Thank you.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from, .net, and all the CGZ Family.
Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Years.
Celebrating over 10 years serving the CyberGameZone Community.

Take care.

Microsoft Sells XBox

If Stephen Elop becomes Microsoft's next CEO, the company could sell its Xbox division, according to Bloomberg. Reuters reports that Elop is one of five final candidates Microsoft is considering to succeed Steve Ballmer, making an Xbox spinoff possible, perhaps even likely.

But it would be an unmitigated disaster -- both for Microsoft and for the Xbox itself. If Microsoft is going to remain a relevant consumer company, it will need the Xbox, as rivals, including Apple, prepare to assault the living room. At the same time, the Xbox itself -- separated from Microsoft -- would be at a huge disadvantage; Nintendo's ongoing collapse demonstrates how difficult it is for a console maker to survive as a stand-alone company.

Why would Microsoft want to get rid of the Xbox?
It isn't that Xbox is a failure -- Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division (largely composed of the Xbox) has mostly been profitable since 2008. But compared to Microsoft's other divisions, it's hardly noteworthy. In fiscal year 2012, for example, it brought in just $364 million -- less than 2% of Microsoft's total earnings (I use 2012 here because in 2013 the division was expanded to include Microsoft's Surface tablets).

Splitting off the Xbox could allow Microsoft to focus on core products like Office and Windows. Over the past 10 years, Microsoft shares have underperformed the broader market -- the company's mammoth size many have kept management unfocused and limited Microsoft's upside.

Vulcan Capital, Paul Allen's investment firm, has argued for an Xbox spinoff. Allen no longer has any management role at Microsoft, but as a co-founder, his word might have some weight. Likewise, some Wall Street analysts, including those at Nomura, have written about the potential benefits to an Xbox spinoff.

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