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Welcome to 2021

02 Jan 2021 : 01:39  |  ARK  |   
Wow- 2020 was one heck of a year huh.
Wow- 2020 was one heck of a year huh.
Well 2021 should be much better. 2021 celebrates, CyberGameZone, and the CyberGameZone Community for 21+ years!
I know right: that is a long time.

We have seen how websites, forums, iRC, streaming, discord and the list continue how folks communicate and interact. We continue to keep up with that change.
We should be here another 25yrs. smile Just never know.

Some updates:
ARK servers added: Aberration featuring BionicARK!
LostIsland. This map is coming along rather nice.
We are still the official server for Amissa.
And of course: Conan Exiles.

Come over to the discord to see more and join the Community.
See you soon.

**Plus a shout out to our Business Partner with Nitrado Game Servers. Click on the link to the Top Right if you would like to purchase one.
That is what the CyberGameZone uses for GameServers. Thank you Nitrado!

Happy July!

06 Jul 2020 : 20:03  |  ARK  |   
Good Day folks,
Good Day folks,
Welcome to the CyberGameZone Community.

Just some key notes to update.
We recently remove ARK PC Genesis and ARK PC TheIsland/Hellion from the group. Simply not active.
But we do have Valguero CrossARK'd with Amissa.
Also Ragnarok with currency and a few other mods.
And recently added DLC ARK PC Crystal Isles.

Info has been updated on the site.
Dont forget to join our Discord. (info bottom left of site)

Thank you.

Basic ARK ini question for PerLevelStatsMultiplier

09 Jan 2020 : 20:15  |  ARK  |   
This has been asked alot in the Nitrado Community Forums, so I will share my coding.

This has been asked alot in the Nitrado Community Forums, so I will share my coding.

Platform: PC Server

-will work for Consoles as well.


Not using expert settings, the code is inserted in the "Engine Settings" link found in your WebUI

If you are using Expert settings make sure you have done a backup of your INI file. *Pc users can do this either by FTP. PC and Consoles can use in the webUI "Configuration Profiles". Make sure your server is stopped for at least 5m. Put code in, SAVE, then restart.

Actual Code:




This code is being inserted in the game.ini file.

The number in the square-bracket will go through up to 11, where 0-11 corresponds to (where applicable:

0: Health,

1: Stamina,

2: Torpidity,

3: Oxygen,

4: Food,

5: Water,

6: Temperature,

7: Weight,

8: MeleeDamageMultiplier,

9: SpeedMultiplier,

10: TemperatureFortitude,

11: CraftingSpeedMultiplier

more info can be found in great detail at:

Auto Tool Generator:

PerLevelStatsMultiplier Tool - Ark Survival Evolved

You can also on this page use the built in Nitrado Tool..

In my case I am only increasing-

7: Weight,

9: SpeedMultiplier,

Thank you

Server hosted by :nitrado: Nitrado! Want your own? Get one from them- . Thank you

Changes to the CyberGameZone ARK Servers:

22 Nov 2019 : 19:09  |  ARK  |   
Soon coming to CyberGameZone will be ARK Genesis.

Soon coming to CyberGameZone will be ARK Genesis. Stay tuned for more info. Discord is really the best place for updates.

Also say goodbye to Volcano ARK in 2020.

NEW onboard we welcome ARK "KnownWorld" RP Game of thrones Maps. More info on discord. This is truly custom adds.

Also check out Amissa and Valguero. They are still CrossARK'd.


Happy Thanksgiving.

CyberGameZone Game Servers

24 Oct 2019 : 21:45  |  ARK  |   
Good day everyone,

Good day everyone,

Yeah, I know. It has been some time since we have posted something. We had been looking for a gaming News Writer for the site but never got one. Also was in the middle of a personal life crisis. lol. But I am getting back slowly. So thought to post this out there...

We have these servers available for anyone to play on-

*Hosted/Sponsored by NITRADO*

ARK Valguero

ARK Volcano


*Hosted/Sponsored by NITRADO & SICCO, also the host for OFFICIAL MAP:

ARK Amissa

*Hosted/Sponsored by Azzy (Community Leader)


And for Halloween:

ARK Halloween Island. smile

Coming Soon:

ARK Genesis


Thank you for your continued support since 2000. This March CyberGameZone will be celebrating its 20th year as a Community and MORE.


Nitrado Yellow Shadow

Nitrado Game Servers

Looking for a Reliable Game Server?

Nitrado is the way to go.

Click on for ARK Hall of Fame or Review the Server+Discord Rules

CGZ Server Info

NOT CrossARK'd Servers.

Survivor, Items and Dinos


For CrossPlay:
ARK ASA Server [PVE]

Map: Svartalfheim

Name: .:CyberGameZone:. Svartalfheim CP



For CrossPlay:
ARK ASA Server [PVE]

Map: theIsland

Name: .:CyberGameZone:. 2xP 5xT QoL CP



For CrossPlay:
ARK ASA Server [PVE]

Map: Amissa

Name: .:CyberGameZone:. Amissa Official CP



For PC:
ARK ASA Server [PVE]

Map: theIsland

Name: .:CyberGameZone:. 2xP 5xT Supreme Beavers



For PC:

Name: .:CyberGameZone:. Palserver


DISCORD Channel: