Welcome to 2021

02 Jan 2021 : 01:39  |  DOA  |  ARK  |   
Wow- 2020 was one heck of a year huh.
Wow- 2020 was one heck of a year huh.
Well 2021 should be much better. 2021 celebrates CyberGameZone.com, CyberGameZone, and the CyberGameZone Community for 21+ years!
I know right: that is a long time.

We have seen how websites, forums, iRC, streaming, discord and the list continue how folks communicate and interact. We continue to keep up with that change.
We should be here another 25yrs. smile Just never know.

Some updates:
ARK servers added: Aberration featuring BionicARK!
LostIsland. This map is coming along rather nice.
We are still the official server for Amissa.
And of course: Conan Exiles.

Come over to the discord to see more and join the Community.
See you soon.

**Plus a shout out to our Business Partner with Nitrado Game Servers. Click on the link to the Top Right if you would like to purchase one.
That is what the CyberGameZone uses for GameServers. Thank you Nitrado!

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