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It has been reported many Ogame skin links are no longer valid. These links are not ours. As we find broken links, we will remove them.

Ogame skins

Here you can find huge selection of skins and templates for Ogame, space MMOG. There are more than two hundreds skins. These skin links are collected from many Ogame forums and Ogame communities.
Some of them might not work as they are dependable on the hosting. And sometimes the link is not an actual site, but rather the link to use for the skin. Give it a try. **Save your prior Ogame Skin URL since it will not be saved.
Each skin has preview link that will take either to the forum where that skin originate from or to a skin previewer.

Provided link is a link to be placed into the Options / Skin path inside the game.

Where to place a skin in Ogame?

Some of them have preview option which means that you will be lead to the forum or a site where skin can be seen before using it.

Celsio ---> [link] Preview
CHAD ---> [link] Preview
CO ---> [link] Preview
CO ---> [link] Preview
Coldsteel ---> [link] Preview
Collision RC1 ---> [link] Preview
Comet ---> [link] Preview
Dark ---> [link] Preview
Dark Grey ---> [link] Preview
Dark One ---> [link] Preview
Dark Silence ---> [link] Preview
Dark Silence ---> [link] Preview
Dark Silence ---> [link] Preview
Dark Templars v2 ---> [link] Preview
Dark Templars v3 ---> [link] Preview
Darkness ---> [link] Preview
Darkness 2 ---> [link] Preview
Darksen ---> [link] Preview
Darkskin ---> [link] Preview
Darth ---> [link] Preview
DD ---> [link] Preview
Deep Sunrise ---> [link] sunrise/ Preview
Defu23 ---> [link] Preview
Desire ---> [link] Preview
Despoinaciolli ---> [link] Preview
Devilwizard666 ---> [link] Preview
Dragon ---> [link] Preview
Dragon 2.xx ---> [link] Preview
Dragonball ---> [link] Preview
DroMod ---> [link] Preview
Dungeons & Dragons ---> [link] Preview
Eclipse ---> [link] Preview
Empire ---> [link] Preview
Empire ---> [link] Preview
Ender ---> [link] Preview
Epic Blue ---> [link] Preview
Epic Blue ---> [link] Preview
Epic Blue - Alpha ---> [link] Preview
Epic Blue - Alpha ---> [link] Preview
Epic Blue XIII ---> [link] Preview
Epic Blue XIII - Hell ---> [link] Preview
Epic Blue XIII - Hell ---> [link] Preview
Epic Blue XX ---> [link] Preview
Epic Blue XX ---> [link] Preview
Epic Blue XXI ---> [link] Preview
Epic Blue XXI ---> [link] Preview
Epic Blue XXI - Stargate ---> [link] Preview
Epic Gionte ---> [link] Preview
Epic Mitteldunkel ---> [link] Preview
Epik ---> [link] Preview
Evolution ---> [link] Preview
Evolution XX v2 ---> [link] Preview
Evox ---> [link] Preview
Evox2 ---> [link] Preview
Evoxbis ---> [link] Preview
Evox Original --- [link] Preview
Executor ---> [link] Preview
Extrema ---> [link] Preview
Final Aurora ---> [link] Preview
Final Aurora ---> [link] Preview
Final Fart ---> [link] Preview
Fire Skin ---> [link] Preview
Fire Space ---> [link] Preview
FireBT ---> [link] Preview
Flash ---> [link] Preview
Forum Skin ---> [link] Preview
FoxOgame ---> [link] Preview
Freaky Friday ---> [link] Preview
Full Metal Chemist ---> [link] Preview
G3CKO ---> [link] Preview
Green ---> [link] Preview
Green Planet ---> [link] Preview
Grey Hell ---> [link] Preview
Gruen ---> [link] Preview
GTVA Skin ---> [link] Preview
Halo ---> [link] Preview
Halo 2 ---> [link] Preview
Heaven ---> [link] Preview
Hell ---> [link] Preview
Hexo ---> [link] Preview
Hubag33k ---> [link] Preview
Ice Skin ---> [link] Preview
Infraos ---> [link] Preview
Infinity ---> [link] Preview
Infinity ---> [link] Preview
Jade ---> [link] Preview
Kal Domilera ---> [link] Preview
Krystal ---> [link] Preview
Lambda ---> [link] Preview
Lambda ---> [link] Preview
Lambda ---> [link] Preview
Lebroskin ---> [link] Preview
Lego ---> [link] Preview
Lordon ---> [link] Preview
LOTR b37 ---> [link] Preview
Lucid Blue ---> [link] Preview
Matrix ---> [link] Preview
Maya ---> [link] Preview
Military ---> [link] Preview
Mini ---> [link] Preview
MoDgif ---> [link] Preview
Mrcnetwork ---> [link] Preview
Nebula ---> [link] Preview
NewLifeSkin ---> [link] Preview
Nik Savel ---> [link] Preview
Ninoskin 2 ---> [link] Preview
Ninoskin 3 ---> [link] Preview
Ninoskin 3.5 ---> [link] Preview
Ninoskin 3.5 ---> [link] Preview
Oga6 ---> [link] Preview
OGame id.Skin v2 ---> [link] Preview
Okno ---> [link] Preview
Osimp ---> [link] Preview
Ovisio ---> [link] Preview
Ovisio Colored ---> [link] Preview
P.L.F. ---> [link] Preview
Paint ---> [link] Preview
Pegsplan ---> [link] Preview
PIG ---> [link] Preview
Plaguelands ---> [link] Preview
Planets ---> [link] Preview
Planets 1024 ---> [link] Preview
Planets 1280 ---> [link] Preview
Primos ---> [link] Preview
Pristine Angel ---> [link] Preview
Protoss ---> [link] Preview
Purity ---> [link] Preview
Ravnica ---> [link] Preview
Red 16 ---> [link] Preview
Red Futuristisch ---> [link] Preview
Red vision ---> [link] Preview
Reloaded ---> [link] Preview
Reloaded ---> [link] Preview
Revan ---> [link] Preview
Robot ---> [link] Preview
RoboTech ---> [link] Preview
RoZi1 ---> [link] Preview
Sacred ---> [link] Preview
Sanalkomutan ---> [link] Preview
Sepphyrion ---> [link] Preview
Shadow pato ---> [link] Preview
Shivan Skin ---> [link] Preview
Simpel ---> [link] Preview
Skin di Silver Shadows ---> [link] Preview
Skin di Silver Shadows ---> [link] Preview
SkinBael ---> [link] Preview
Skyskin ---> [link] Preview
Smokin ---> [link] Preview
Space Rebellion ---> [link] Preview
Star Trek ---> [link] Preview
Star Trek - Nemesis ---> [link] Preview
Star Trek - Voyager ---> [link] Preview
Star Trek 1024 ---> [link] Preview
Star Trek 1280 ---> [link] Preview
Star Trek by RVD ---> [link] Trek by RVD/ Preview
Star Wars ---> [link] Preview
Star Wars ---> [link] Preview
Star Wars 2 ---> [link] Preview
Star Wars 3D ---> [link] Preview
Stargate ---> [link] Preview
Stargate Atlantis ---> [link] Preview
SUN ---> [link] Preview
Supernova ---> [link] Preview
Terra ---> [link] Preview
The Night Wolves v1.0 ---> [link] Preview
Tim's Skin BETA ---> [link] Preview
Total ---> [link] Preview
TR8 ---> [link] Preview
TRM D4arkskin ---> [link] Preview
Vampir ---> [link] Preview
Vasudan Skin ---> [link] Preview
VXD ---> [link] Preview
W4wooden4ce ---> [link] Preview
Water Space v2.0 ---> [link] Preview
Wii ---> [link] Preview
WoD Alliance ---> [link] Preview
WordLove ---> [link] Preview
COMING SOON---> You can submit your link here AND a Ogame Skin TOP100 list.
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