Game franchises that should be retired

The humorist Don Marquis once said that "a sequel is an admission that you've been reduced to imitating yourself." He died in 1937, so I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about video games. But glance at the sequel-flooded game industry these days and you'll know that he was on to something.

The good news? Despite their prevalence, video game sequels tend to be technically superior to their predecessors. They often fix flaws, improve visuals, and add features than fans have requested. The best games in most successful franchises are often not the first ones.

But cranking out too many games in one series can be problematic, too. Nothing kills the fun like oversaturation (we're eyeballing you, Guitar Hero), and sadly, a number of game makers have proven that they just don't understand the old showbiz adage of 'leaving 'em wanting more.' Instead, we get the same old game year after year as publishers try to wring every drop of milk out of their once-healthy cash cows. We don't want more, but they keep giving it to us anyway.

Here are five franchises that should do us all a favor and take a nice, long vacation.