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News by month 2018


CGZ Server Info


For PC:
Conan Server [PVE]
32 Slots

Name: CGZ:.-.:Conan:.[PVE]


No crossARK

For PC:
ARK Server [PVE]
32 Slots
Map: Amissa

Name: .:CGZ:.-.:Amissa ( Official )%2BPyria:.


For PC:
ARK Server [PVE]
32 Slots
Map: Extinction

Name: CGZ-.:PVE Extinction:.-[ H/XP x2 T/B x10 ]


For PC:
ARK Server [PVE]
10 Slots
Map: Ragnarok

Name: CGZ-.:PVE Ragnarok:.-[ H/XP x3 T/B x10 ]


DISCORD Channel:


CGZ Conan

21 Oct 2018 : 20:03  |  DOA  |  Conan  |   0
Welcome to the gaming community called CyberGameZone.

Welcome to the gaming community called CyberGameZone. Our Conan server has been part of CyberGameZone for several months. Due to its poularity it continues to grow.

One of the issues with the server unlike ARK is that the folks attempting to connect already need the MODs installed. Also then have to be in the right order.

Here are the list of MODs and their order. For any updates or new info, Discord is the most up to date place we update folks. Thank you

MODs in order:

  • Pippi -Server Mgmt
    Drag thralls in water
    Unlock Plus (w/Pickup)



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