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4x4 Cluster + Boosted + Mods
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Ethereal Realms


For PC:
ARK Server [PVE]
32 Slots
Map: Amissa

Name: .:CyberGameZone:.Amissa (Official) H/XPx3 T/Bx7


For PC:
ARK Server [PVE]
32 Slots
Map: Valguero

Name: .:CyberGameZone:.Eternal H/XPx3 T/Bx7


For PC:
ARK Server [PVE]
16 Slots
Map: theIsland (TC Brutal ARK)

Name: .:CGZ:.TC Brutal ARK H7x T20x


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Since 2000 CyberGameZone has been a Gaming Community Site. Over the years CGZ has expanded to multiple games, business ventures, and fun things. After 16yrs of content (major old) we have brought to the community a fresh and new site. We are not sure of the layout yet. We have multiple expanding sites like a Web Hosting site, TopSite Ranking and the ARK Community- not sure to combine them all into a single single or let them reside as standalones. We have done it both ways with about the same results, and responses. Please continue to visit be the content will change. No more look changes. This theme will remain. smile Maybe a new or different Game background because we do like to look unique. Thank you for your support for several years.


Founder, Owner  - CyberGameZone.

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